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Military: Thank You To All Who Serve

DJMC IAN B Proudly appreciates and supports our troops, giving an additional discount to all who serve our Country! Not only do we have a tremendous respect and gratitude for our men and women in uniform but, military events are also some of the most fun events to do. If you or someone you know is in the military and want to make sure they get taken care of the right way for there event please contact us. We do military events and weddings in Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and we have also worked events at Camp Pendleton.

Thank you to all military personnel for all that you do for us!

orange county wedding dj djmc ian b with military couple
About Us: Treat People Like Gold! 
You don't do this all the time, we do. We put ourselves in your shoe's. You are coming to us because we are the event professionals and we can help you accomplish the event you want! People come to us for two reasons, they want to be treated right and they want an unbelievably amazing event. Our motto "You put great things out in the world and great things come back!" That motto has helped us flourish. A huge portion of our business is from referrals from past clients because they were treated like gold! We would love to treat you the same way! 

About Us: Specialized & Taylorized 

We are a specialty elite, expert group of event DJ's and MC’s who absolutely love what we do! We deliver one of a kind, first class, quality, and professional performances with a personalized touch. There is nothing cheesy, Vegas lounge acting, cookie cutter, and one size fits all, or radio announcer guys here! Every event is tailored specifically to the client. First, let me say that everyone is different and each event wants different things. Sure there are commonalities however no two events should be the same. We want to get to know you and your vision of what you are looking to get out of your day. If you don’t know, we will help you figure it out. If you do know, we will deliver it to a T. Clients will often ask, "What’s your style?" My response is always the same, “Making you unbelievably happy”, that’s our style.  Giving you the “BEST EVENT EVER” that’s our style! If you are searching for a Orange County Wedding DJ, a Los Angles Wedding DJ, or a Inland Empire Wedding DJ I encourage you to contact us.

orange county wedding dj djmc ian b military wedding
To get started on having the very best event possible please fill out of the quick form below.
orange county wedding dj djmc ian b with military couple
orange county wedding dj djmc ian b military wedding
orange county wedding dj djmc ian b military wedding
Dana Point Military wedding Couple Orange County DJ
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Importance of your Event DJ choice: 

Before you decide on your Event DJ I would highly advise reading the statistics page on this website. The effort, time, and energy that you put into creating your event is substantial. The food, location, the invitations, and on and on. From great big decisions to the very tiny ones. This all requires effort you give so much of yourself as you should for your event day. Then the day finally comes wouldn't you want an Event DJ who gives that same effort for you? I cannot tell you what other event DJ's do I can tell you what we do. From the beginning we help you create the foundation for your event through the last dance or activity of your event. We follow a protocol of success ensuring you are taken care of throughout the entire process. I would love to explain our methods of success during a simple consultation. On your event day you should be stress free and focused on one thing and that is simply enjoying the moment with the ones you care about most. Let us help you accomplish this! For your next social function let us help you make your Event DJ search an easy one.

Suggestion: Talk to your vendors!
DJMC IAN B has rapidly become the entertainment choice in Southern California, thanks, most importantly to our own client’s word of mouth. We go out of our way for our clients, not only because we love what we do, but because our clients deserve the best. Planning an event and searching for the right DJ can present certain challenges. Everyone will tell you that they're the best. Most of the websites and online information can begin to look very similar. Most people when searching will ask to get a quote. Quotes are great, you need to know what the price point is for the service. E-mails are a wonderful tool however, many things can get overlooked or lost in translation in emails. You will not be able to read the energy or the personality of the individual. The best advice is to speak with the DJ’s you have a genuine interest in. It is in these conversations that you will understand the huge contrasts from one entertainer to the other. This is only the case unless of course, you are not concerned about the event, and only are concerned about the cost. In many events and especially weddings or big events many days, weeks, and months go into planning. Several thousands of dollars are spent for every single little detail and it would be a pity to have it fizzle out because of choosing the wrong DJ based on a low quote and not the individual behind the quote. Also, we are available to do evening phone consultations by appointment usually until 10 p.m. at night. So if you are in the need of a Los Angeles Weddig DJ, a Orange County DJ, or and Inland Empire DJ we are available to you.

Coordination: We serve as day of event coordinator.

Our experts also play a key role with the coordination of your event. Put it to you this way, as an Event DJ if we are there for five hours, it really doesn't make a difference to us in how we do things; we still get paid for five hours. It does make all the difference in the world to the success of your event on how things flow! That’s why we play a pivotal role in dialing in the order and flow of your event. Our experts ensure that the events that you want to do are executed with precision and timing. We are in a sense, a day of coordinator. We are making sure your guests, photographers, and videographers are ready as you proceed into the next step of your day. We check with you frequently to ensure the timeline is being followed as close as possible while guiding you through your day. As a event professional, it is our duty to help establish your order of events. We successfully establish and maintain your timeline and deliver a very smooth and fluid feel to your event to maximize your day. 

Music: Part 1
Music is obviously a huge factor to any event. In a consultation with your DJ, all of your music details will come in to play. What does this mean? What is the vibe you are trying to set with the event? Some events have several different vibes they wish to accomplish at different times of the night! What are the demographics of your crowd? What is your favorite type of music? What about your guests? Is there a family favorite or a college favorite song etc.? The list could go on and on but the more information your DJ gathers about you and your guests, the more successful the event!   Also, a DJ certainly needs to know how to read a crowd however, the best DJ in the World is not going to know that you have a favorite group song unless they ask! 

Music: Part 2 All the music is tailored to you and your crowd.
The pre-ceremony, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception music are all tailored to fit you and your crowd. We are an Orange County DJ that is at your event to make you happy playing the music that you want to hear! Music can be one of the most vital components of an event. Music can bring the energy up or it may bring the energy down. To some, music is more important than to others. When there is music that you love and your guests will enjoy, using that music incorporated properly can have the most positive effect on the tone and vibe of the event.  Some clients have many song selections and some just a few. It is in the consultation with your DJ, during the planning of your event that together we will create the soundtrack to your event. The amount of music that a client provides us with, is solely based on them and it is no way required. Our DJ’s have vast music knowledge and are skilled in the art of reading the crowd.  All of our DJ’s are real DJ’s that know how to skillfully beat mix songs together. We know when a song is working you let it play a little longer and if a songs not working you get out of it right away. Music is a tool, it is not about just knowing what to play, it is to know when to play it and why!

Music: Part 3 Genres and Themes
Genres and themes and what does this mean. Your event or wedding may have a certain theme to it examples would be a 40's or 50's theme, a retro or vintage theme, a country western theme, a rockabilly theme, a rock n roll theme an Asian theme, a Latin theme an alternative theme, you name it. You want to know that the person handling your event knows there way around these genre's of music. A well diversified DJ who can help bridge generation and cultural barriers through the proper application of music and energy. Same is true for genres of music. We want to know what you want and what you like. We also want your do not playlists songs. This is your event and we want you happy! For your tailored Orange County Wedding DJ, your Los Angeles Wedding DJ, or your Inland Empire Wedding DJ please fill out the request form.

Lighting: A little lighting can make a BIG difference.

We also provide several different lighting options. Depending on several factors from size of the room, how many windows, time of event, and of course, budget to name a few for what makes the most sense to our clients. We do not have lighting packages because we want to provide you with things you want and need, not give you things you don’t because they’re part of some made up package. When looking for a Los Angeles Wedding DJ, Orange County wedding DJ, or an Inland Empire Wedding DJ make sure you go with a company that has your best interests in mind

Timing: How Far In Advance Should You Book A Vendor.

When it comes to booking your DJ and securing your date, it is always first come, first serve! I tell everyone the same thing, if you find someone (photographer, DJ, and/or venue) you really like, book it! There are several ways that people get in touch with us: through bridal shows, referrals from past clients, other vendors, venues, multiple streams of advertising etc. You never know when someone is going to book. It just happens! So if it’s there and you really like it, book it!

Creativity: Imaginations Wanted & Encouraged. 
We encourage our clients ideas and creativity to the fullest. Statistically most clients get married once and most clients also have a photographer at there wedding. This is your one day that is all about you. If you have creative ideas i encourage you don't leave them on the table because you don't think it can be done! With the right key people on your team you'd be blow away at what can be accomplished. Also, if you have a photographer that I am sure you paid good money for you in my opinion should get every awesome photo you can! This is your day and bottom line is we want you to be overly happy with everything about it from the timeline to how it is structured. We certainly don't want you to do something your not comfortable with however, once we explain how something such as a certain event could be done in a different way you might find a new excitement for that activity. In many instances couples who didn't want to do a particular activity once we showed them a different way of doing that event were now in love with the idea. We are here to help you find creative ways to do the special things that you want to do. We also show you different ways to do some traditional moments in a different light. If you have any creative ideas for any part of your wedding such as your grand entrance, first dance, special toast, honeymoon dance, grand exit, or surprise performance of any kind then please let us know and we will help you bring it together. Ultimately the final decisions are yours. It is our job to explain all your options to you. We don't want any of our clients to have any regrets looking back saying I wish we did this or that. We want our clients to reflect back on there day knowing they did what they wanted to do and they did it there way! (Thank you Mr. Sinatra!) You have a vision, you have creativity, we are the company to make it happen! For the creative wedding professionals for your Los Angeles Wedding DJ, Orange County Wedding DJ, your Inland Empire Wedding DJ, or your Event DJ please say hello
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Short List of Service Areas:
We provide the best in high impact Deejay services, elite caliber Masters of Ceremonies, with professional grade lighting tailored to fit you and your vision. We are a mobile disc jockey service based in Orange County. If you are searching for the best Orange County wedding DJ, Los Angeles wedding DJ, or Inland Empire wedding DJ then fill out our contact form and let us take care of you. We provide DJ services throughout Southern California here is a small list of frequented cities that we serve Anaheim, Balboa Island, Beverly Hills, Brea, Burbank, Corona, Costa Mesa, Coto de Caza, Cypress, Dana Point, Foothill Ranch, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Oceanside, Orange, Pasadena, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, Redlands, Riverside, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Studio City, Temecula, Universal City, and Yorba Linda. If you are in need of a Orange County DJ, a Los Angeles DJ, a Inland Empire DJ, a event DJ, or a wedding DJ I encourage you to contact us you will not be disappointed.